Dienstag, Juli 31, 2007

Saturday afternoon found us heading east to go hiking. Where we had intended to go was closed because of so much rain the road had washed out, so we made a detour and found a different area. Because of all the rain it actually was quite cool while we were climbing. Everything is so different out here. Dad thought he would pick a cactus to take home and found out that the cactus decided to pick him instead!
As we were driving south from Flagstaff to Phoenix we went through a mountain range. Made for very slow climbing on one side and then as we headed down the other side we picked up speed. Just at that point Dad spotted this rain storm off in a valley. Then it disappeared behind a hill. So around the next corner I yelled "STOP STOP" and jumped out to grab the picture. It's so curious how all around it can be sunny and then in the middle it's pouring.
Ted and Dad demonstrating how Indians used to keep a roof over their head.
This one speaks for itself. Some teamster as he made the long trek west realized that he was at an important point and sacrificed his wagon for the cause. Or maybe not.
Morning in New Mexico. We ended up driving through the night because by the time we all took turns the night was over, so why stop? I was driving as the sun came up over Albuquerque and not long after I stopped to take this picture.
So, after much thought and a little research, I decided to pack up my bags and head west. Well, it's amazing how many bags a person can fill, as evidenced by our trusty truck. So, accompanied by my father and Ted, I made the voyage across the miles.

Donnerstag, Juli 19, 2007

Lest you worry that just because I'm not in Austria (but I will be visiting soon!) that I therefore haven't been continuing my adventures with organs, allow me to set your mind at ease. Recently one of my best friends, Josh, and I went to Knoxville to check out the new Richards & Fowkes at UTK. The professor graciously gave us as much time as we wanted, and we stayed for about 5 hours. Even though it is in an auditorium that used to house basketball games, it sounds amazing. We had so much fun playing that the only thing that pulled us away was the growling of our stomachs trying to out-sing the growling posaune.

Samstag, Juli 14, 2007

It's been awhile since I've posted here. Since being back in the US I have stayed busy visiting friends and family, but nothing really exciting has inspired me to write. I haven't been really working, but I have been spending a lot of time organizing the next phase of my life. I am planning to move to Phoenix the end of this month. Since the passing of Gustl I haven't been exactly sure what I want to do, but I think this is the right move. I took this picture on July 4th. I went to see the fireworks in Nashville and it was an awesome show!

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