Montag, Februar 27, 2006

Lamps in a passageway in Vienna. They caught my eye when I was there in December.

Sonntag, Februar 26, 2006

Spires in Salzburg

Freitag, Februar 24, 2006

The interior of the Old Cathedral, where I played mass last week. Until recently I had only visited the cathedral during the morning, but then I started practicing in the afternoon and have totally been enthralled with the light. Baroque architects really seemed to spend time thinking about how the light would play around the room and with the paintings and such. Gustl told me that quite often a beam of light will shine on something pertaining to the crucifixion at 3pm. So far it has been overcast during that time, but I'm looking forward to a nice sunny day to experience more of the grandeur.

Donnerstag, Februar 23, 2006

I'm not sure checking the moss on this tree would really help if you were trying to find North.

Mittwoch, Februar 22, 2006

"If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if the simplest things of nature have a message that you understand, rejoice, for your soul is alive."
~Eleanora Duse

Dienstag, Februar 21, 2006

The usual peacefulness of the hauptplatz was shattered by protesters this weekend. I was practicing in the cathedral and heard loud music and voices and went to investigate. Surrounding the group expressing their views on Ocalan's imprisonment where many police vehicles and police and military men patrolling around. It somehow seemed out of place among the stately pastel buildings and church bells tolling the hour.

Montag, Februar 20, 2006

Yet another beautiful winter day along the Danube. But I know it's only a matter of time before the sun melts all the snow away and spring drops in.

Sonntag, Februar 19, 2006

Today marked yet another milestone in my life. I played for mass at the Alter Dom in Linz. Fortunately Gustl was there to keep track of the service stuff and I just had to concentrate on playing the organ, which I must say is probably the most challenging organ I've ever played. Between the short octaves on every keyboard and also in the pedal and the weight when manuals are coupled and the cold causing me to lose feeling in my fingertips, I had plenty to keep me busy besides the priest speaking in German! It wasn't flawless, but a good experience just the same. For more photos of the organ click on the link to the right for the Brucknerorgel.

Freitag, Februar 17, 2006

A couple months ago I went to the Leopold Museum in Vienna where they were having an exhibit of French impressionism and comparing it to Austrian impressionism. One of most notable differences was the coloration of the paintings. The Austrian, while still very colorful and impressionistic, seemed more subdued. Kind of like the pictures I've been posting this week! So I wanted to add some color to the collection with this photo of a church reflection at dusk.

Donnerstag, Februar 16, 2006

Just a couple blocks from me is what might be the world's largest pack of cigarettes. Fortunately, I haven't bumped into anyone large enough to smoke them! Linz is quite a center for tobacco product factories. I'm not sure how that happened since tobacco doesn't grow around here and they must import it and then export the manufactured goods. I guess that being on the river made it a convenient location.

Mittwoch, Februar 15, 2006

I'm not sure what created this little ice crystal, but it caught my eye as I was looking at the snow. Look at all the thorns on this bush. I wouldn't want to slip and fall into it!

Dienstag, Februar 14, 2006

Naked branches drapped with snow.

Montag, Februar 13, 2006

This branch caught my eye as I was walking along the river. I'm not sure what type of bush it is, but it's covered with those little fuzzy balls. I'll have to check back in the spring and see what the blossoms look like.

Sonntag, Februar 12, 2006

The snow we have been receiving the last few days has been just perfect for packing, so a couple guys from my building decided to take advantage of it and build a giant snow man. I come up to his waist.

Samstag, Februar 11, 2006

Snow and Needles
This afternoon I went for a walk around the block and saw many children out enjoying the snow. One little boy caught my attention because he was diligently loading snow onto his sled. I watched him take many trips, sometimes with only a little handful. Here he managed to get a big piece. I wonder what magical creation he had in mind to create with his collection.

Freitag, Februar 10, 2006

It's an age old query. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Or in this case, the tree or its companion?

Donnerstag, Februar 09, 2006

I wonder if the artist thought about what effect the snow would have on this sculpture? I think it really accentuates it. Speaking of snow, it has been snowing everyday for the last 4 days and it's just beautiful! Tonight the biggest flakes were falling, some of them had to have had a diameter of 2 inches! Just lovely. I'll take snow over rain any day!

Mittwoch, Februar 08, 2006

Every now and then something happens that might be considered a milestone. Doesn't have to be too big and perhaps no one else will realize its significance, but it is important just the same. This evening I performed in my first recital since being here in Austria. Even though I only played 3 short pieces it was a milestone because I was able to stay focused and actually feel good about my performance, something that hasn't really ever happened before. So, one down, a million + to go!

Dienstag, Februar 07, 2006

"Duck, nothing ruffles my feathers more than some human coming along and waking me from my warm, comfortable sleep!"

Montag, Februar 06, 2006

I don't know about you, but I'm very thankful that I wasn't created to sleep standing up on the ice with my head buried in my armpit! However, these 2 ducks don't seem to mind.

Sonntag, Februar 05, 2006

This morning I looked out the window and decided it was a day for exploring. Something about the crisp, clean air after a fresh snowfall has a way of beckoning to a person. I followed the river downstream and ventured into new territory. Soon I was out of town and into quiet countryside. The ice brushing against the banks and the birds singing their morning songs made me wonder why people jogging past felt the need for mp3 players and headphones! I experienced the most amazing Doppler effect from a bird flying above the river and saw several waterfowl hitching a free ride to Vienna on the ice flows. Everything combined to create a very invigorating couple of hours along the Danube.

Freitag, Februar 03, 2006

The Danube is too large and busy a river to completely ice over, but that doesn't keep small pieces from forming. How about a brisk evening swim?

Donnerstag, Februar 02, 2006

Just about the time that mid-winter blues and lack of variety were starting to set in yesterday evening came a long and reminded me that I love Linz! I am so fortunate to be living in such a beautiful place and in Austria, to top it all off! The museum was also a new color, perhaps in honor of the sunset. Well, probably not, but still it was a very complimentary collection of colors.
February waltzed into Linz draped in the most beautiful pink attire. As I was about to walk out the door to practice I glanced at the sky and grabbed my camera. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to get the real bold colors, but what I did see was just amazing. This photo is completely untouched.

Mittwoch, Februar 01, 2006

Stained glass at dusk.
St. Peter's Church, St. Albans, England.

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