Montag, Juli 10, 2006

Just a few more hours on Austrian soil. I have enjoyed my first year here and can't wait to come back to continue learning. But for now it's back to the US of A and a short visit to friends and family. I hope to spend some time writing about what I'd learned this year, so be sure to check back for updates while I'm on holiday.

Freitag, Juli 07, 2006

Part of my decision to come to Austria was based on my former teacher who had studied in Vienna. She was totally burned out on organ and wanted to just quit all together, but her husband insisted she give it one more try, so they came to Austria and she studied with Anton Heiller. I was on the phone with her just a few days ago and I mentioned my upcoming concert. When I told her where it was going to be she said, "Oh, that organ holds a special place in my heart because it was while I was there with Heiller that a lightbulb went off and I suddenly realized how to make music!". So if you read my previous post you will see why I found that so interesting. Two people, two generations, different backgrounds, studying in different parts of Austria and yet having a similar experience at the same exact organ! Do you ever wonder if God has a sense of humor?

Samstag, Juli 01, 2006

It's a feeling of oneness. As if without any conscious effort suddenly the music, the instrument and myself are in complete harmony and nothing but the present matters. It might be the first time I've had goose bumps and tears while playing. It is the moment that hours and hours of practice in freezing cold winters and blazing hot summers have led to, but in an instant the pain of numb fingers and sweaty hands vanishes from memory. Only one thought remains; "I love what I do!".

Today was the first day that I played the organ where I will be giving a recital in a week. It's an amazing organ and I feel very privileged to be spending time on it. I have had the opportunity to play many wonderful organs this year, but this is the largest. It is in the New Cathedral in Linz, which is the largest cathedral in Austria. The decay is about 8-9 seconds in the room. It's quite a rush to hold a full chord complete with 32' in the pedal and then release and just listen as the sound swells and slowly fades away. I am optimistic that this performance will be a fitting conclusion to this phase of my study here in Austria.

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