Samstag, September 30, 2006

Welcome to the beginning of my second year of blogging. I arrived safely back in the lovely country of Austria yesterday, and after some sleep and food attended my first concert this evening. My teacher was playing on a 17th century organ in the little village of Allerheilligen. I've only been back a short time and already seen several friends. It's good to be back, even though I still miss people across the water. It was absolutely beautiful driving through the country side at dusk. Be sure and keep checking back, because I'm now going to be taking pictures and posting regularly again.

Donnerstag, September 07, 2006

Today I had the pleasure of being enlightened by An Enlightened Fellow. If you've spent any time on his blog you've probably read a little about HDR and I have to say I've had a lot of fun going out and shooting photos to edit and then learning the ins and outs of working with them. This picture was taken in Chattanooga during one of my many visits during the summer holiday. People keep asking me to write about what it's like to be back on US soil after living abroad for a year, so I will take a few moments to do so now. However, to do the topic justice would take a very long time.

Nothing has changed, yet everything has changed. The people are the same, and yet they are different. I am the same person, but I'm not. Am I glad I came back to visit? Of course. Friendships are just about the only thing worth cultivating on this earth because there is hope of seeing them again next time around. I have so many wonderful friends and I am very thankful that I have been able to visit many of them even in the limited time. Life is short, so live every day to the fullest. And take pictures to remember them by.

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